Who’s the boss? Ball Pits For Babies Is Our New Favorite Thing

ball pit for baby

The Boss is a soft big blue dinosaur who does double duty as a ball pit. The tummy is packed with 60 colorful plastic balls your baby can play around in. What’s wonderful about this dino is once your child is done you just zip Boss up and the balls are stored neatly inside his tummy!Want one of your own? Click here.

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  1. Love the dino! I’ve seen the inflatable ball pits at Target and other stores, but they always looked so cheesy I never got one. This is definitely on the list for the next munchkin! I think it’s great that you can zip him up and the balls don’t roll away and get lost. Great find, thanks!

  2. hey i think that the toy is just fantastic.
    i think my baby would love it.
    the dinosaur looks cute. the baby will be very comfortable in this toy.
    u get good toys and cribs at the given website.

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