The Adiri Natural Nurser.

The rounded shape of the Adiri Natural Nurser is designed to mimic a mother’s breast. This helps reduce nipple confusion and helps baby’s transition to bottle feeding easier. The body and nipple are all one piece. You fill the bottle from the bottom making them easy to use and easy to clean. The Adiri Natural Nurser is wonderfully designed¬†without Bisphenol-A (BPA) so no evil chemicals to worry about. The Nurser is recommended by experts: doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants. A natural and easy way to start bottle feeding.



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  1. i think this a good way to feed the baby and really a good substitution for mothers hu cannot feed their baby due to many physical problems.
    it is a good product.

  2. I used these for my son, since he was only bottle-feeding a few feedings a week and I wanted the breast-bottle-breast transition as easy as possible. The bottles worked really well and I recommend them to everyone who asks for a bottle recommendation. They are a bit pricey ($13 or so a piece), but I only bought 6 total (2 in each age group), so it wasn’t much of an investment for me.

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