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Sustainable Toys for Children-The Wood Yo Yo.

 - by Tracy

What makes this yo yo different from other yoyo’s is the charming story of it’s humble beginnings. Living in a small tree house located in the Midwest is an enterprising young couple whose passion is to design sustainable products for you and your children. Find it at Fawn and Forest.

Soft Durable Building Set Made of Recycled Materials.

 - by Tracy

It’s hard to believe this nifty building set used to be a plastic bottle. The Spaceframe set can be used to create forts, tunnels-you name it! Its soft durable peices interlock with one another and are super easy to use.  This is a wonderful toy to spark the imagination and you can feel good knowing you’re keeping one less bottle out of landfills.

Keep Kids Entertained During Long Trips.

 - by Tracy

Keeping a young child amused during a long trip can be a daunting task for any parent. Letting them watch their favorite movie on a portable dvd player can be a great way to pass the time. But players can be expensive and most are not durable enough to stand up to a few accidental drops. That’s why we think Fischer Price is on the right track with their Kid-Tough portable dvd player made especially for children. The unit is rubberized and shock and skip proof making it strong enough to handle a little abuse. The player comes with a handle so it can be carried by your preschooler and kickstand legs for hands free viewing and simple controls makes it easy for children to operate the player themselves. The Kid Tough portable dvd player is under $200 making it an affordable option for traveling families.

Fold School-Make Your Own Cardboard Kids Furniture!

 - by Tracy

 Tired of the high cost of design furniture Swiss Designer Nicola Enrico Stäubli designed a collection of sturdy folding furniture called “foldschool”. The cardboard furniture is made by you, using recycled cardboard and instructions available for download on the foldSchool website . Cardboard is a great material for kids furniture since it is lightweight, durable and easy to paint and decorate. The collection includes a stool, chair and rocker. If you would like to try your hand at cardboard furniture making, go to the foldschool website for complete instructions.

Smooth Wheels for Modern Tykes.

 - by Tracy

Your little speed racer will be looking quite sporty on this super cool ride. The 10 Grain Small Paul URoll by West Coast designer Eric Pfeiffer is a great first bike for smaller children. The unique shape and fun patterns give the bike a distinct character, something one doesn’t find with the plastic push bikes on the market. Its wheels provide a smooth glide, making it easier for toddlers to maneuver in tight spaces and its cantilevered molded birch seat is sturdy so it can put up with a  preschool pounding.

Eco friendly sculpting with Happymais

 - by Tracy

Happymais is made with GM-free cornstarch  making it  bio-degradable and compost friendly. Since it’s made with all-natural material it’s non-toxic making it safe for your little ones. Happymais magically adheres to itself using water as the adhesive so that means no messy glue to worry about.  The texture is similar to the packaging “peanuts” you see in boxes. The puffy material  can be cut and manipulated to take on any shape helping your child to create colorful 3-D models. The kit comes with everything you need to get started and an illustrated booklet with instructions and examples of projects your child can make on his/her own. A safe and creative way to stimulate children’s artistic growth.

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