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Zid Zid’s Silver Riding Elephant.

 - by Tracy


What child wouldn’t want to take an elephant ride? The Silver Riding Elephant by Zid Zid would make a lovely addition to your child’s menagerie. This big fella is made with high quality faux leather and double stitched to withstand extra hard play. He’s also an environmentally conscience animal. He’s stuffed with recycled cotton and sponge scraps that otherwise might go to landfills. The Silver Riding Elephant also features a back pocket, big enough for books or  toys. An unique adorable friend for your little boy or girl will enjoy!

Plush Duo Takes the Shame out of Bodily Functions.

 - by Tracy

Aren’t these little guys cute and cuddly? Yes I said cuddly! These adorable plushies take the taboo out of bodily functions and help teach children about potty training.  The plush duo are known as Pee and Poo. Look for them on Perpetual Kid.

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