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Sit and Destroy! Rip + Tatter Cardboard Chairs for Kids

 - by Tracy

Rip + Tatter cardboard chair for children durable furniture for kids

There are so many pieces of furniture children are not allowed touch, why not give them a piece of their own that they can literally beat the hell out of Cheap Jerseys free shipping?  This is exactly the concept behind Rip+Tatter, a pint sized cardboard chair that children can destroy at will. Durable and disposable, cardboard can take a preschool beating and come back for more. The Rip+Tatter chair by designer Pete Oyler is made from industrial cardboard, is non- toxic and best of all completely recyclable.

Cardboard furniture durable for children chairs

I’ve fully embraced Cardboard furniture for kids since first writing about Foldschool, the eclectic group that gives parents free instructions on how to create their own cardboard furniture for children. Designs include a stool, chair and even a rocker, all using recycled cardboard. Cardboard seems to be a popular material to make kid’s furniture from. Back in October 208, I featured the Eco-Crib, a cradle for newborns made of cardboard.

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