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Colorful Modern Nursery

 - by Tracy

One of our favorite blogs is Design Crisis wholesale jerseys. It’s writer, Karly Hand posted pictures of the nursery she has created for her expected newborn. I love it! Lots of color and personal artsy touches. A variety of styles, my favorites are the birdcage lamp seen above and of course all of the framed outsider art on the walls.

colorful modern design nursery

The colors resemble a Baby Einstein play mat, visually stimulating and interesting to ponder. I like that the room as so many different types of shapes and textures. I think her baby will be very happy here.

a cozy nursery rocker

For more photos of this cute nursery go to Design Crisis.

A Cute Crane Perfect for the Nursery Shelves.

 - by Tracy

This little crane from Buisjes en Beugels is made out off cardboard and wrapped in cotton thread. The ball and wheels are made out off wood and really work! Its made from fragile material so it is not suitable for kids to use as a toy but would look very sweet in your child’s nursery.

Bedding Ideas for the Modern Nursery.

 - by Tracy

Looking for some ideas for designing your modern nursery? Start with bedding, it can be help to inspire a color scheme you may not have thought possible.  Looking through catalogs and online shops can give you an idea of what might work in your space. And dont’ forget the accessories to complete your nursery. Making a list of things you would like to include in the room will be essential once planning ends and shopping begins so be sure to write down your choices! We’ve collected a few options here to start with but don’t stop here, there are literally hundreds of wonderful choices out there.

These products can be found on All Modern Baby and Beyond Bedding.

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