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Breaking: Adidas Sneaker Stays On, Is Adorable

 - by Tracy

Freddie loves the idea of shoes, but keeping them on? Not so much. At 15 months, we’ve finally found some she thinks worth wearing. The Adidas Infant/Toddler Street Run III CF are great for new walkers and accessory escaping toddlers. At 35.00 they weren’t cheap, but are sturdy and make an outfit. We chose Magenta/Neon Red but they come in other cool colors. For Fred’s first kicks, these are a win. (Click through for baby, Mummy and skips photo courtesy Reavis Eitel.)

Picture 6

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UVA shielding baby cuteness

 - by Tracy


Ah, the times they are a changing. Rather than worrying that I’m the right shade of summer tan, this modern mom is now battling her former friend: UVA rays. I’ve discovered the cuteness that is baby shorts and wetsuit inspired tops that cover baby skin much more effectively than sunscreen. Mom 4 Life has some adorable options (nom photo above shows lots to choose from in mix and match styles), providing baby with 98% protection from the sun with their Baby Skinz swim shirts and Baby Bloomers swim shorts by UV Skinz.

Before I could snatch those up, Daddy surprised us with darling (and SPF 50!) smartness with a set from Cinco via Target. Cute for many reasons, including ease of pull-on and bright colors. Here’s Fred rocking it with her friend Adam at our Memorial Day BBQ, photo by Dan Kim: adam

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