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Plea to the developer of Baby Brain app

 - by Tracy

Dear Jackie Ashton,

Your Baby Brain app for iPod is the best idea in the world. I know, because I also thought of it. Deep in the weeds with a sick 11-mo-old, I wished that I had an easier way to document naps, dinners and diaper changes. I actually asked app developer and tech whiz Jonathan Wegener if he had heard of one that did all that, with the touch of a button. It seemed so necessary.

There’s good news and bad news. The application of my dreams exists! For the cheaper-than-any-other-baby-gear price of $4.99 moms can “track feedings, diapers and sleep with ease.” To say this is pure baby goodness is an understatement. But sadly for G1 users, it doesn’t exist for Android.

Jackie, my little Fred is an app-loving angel. Toddler Lock (review and link via Androideka) is her fave. Please help her continue to have the coolest tools – and cure MUB’s baby brain – by creating Baby Brain for Android!

I must run now, need to jot down baby’s last diarrhea incident on the back of an envelope. Help a girl out? And keep doing what you’re doing, your Clueless Dad contest (happening now) is a hoot.

Your biggest fan,



The best app ever invented.

The best app ever invented says MUB.

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