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Dear Jackie Ashton,

Your Baby Brain app for iPod is the best idea in the world. I know, because I also thought of it. Deep in the weeds with a sick 11-mo-old, I wished that I had an easier way to document naps, dinners and diaper changes. I actually asked app developer and tech whiz Jonathan Wegener if he had heard of one that did all that, with the touch of a button. It seemed so necessary.

There’s good news and bad news. The application of my dreams exists! For the cheaper-than-any-other-baby-gear price of $4.99 moms can “track feedings, diapers and sleep with ease.” To say this is pure baby goodness is an understatement. But sadly for G1 users, it doesn’t exist for Android.

Jackie, my little Fred is an app-loving angel. Toddler Lock (review and link via Androideka) is her fave. Please help her continue to have the coolest tools – and cure MUB’s baby brain – by creating Baby Brain for Android!

I must run now, need to jot down baby’s last diarrhea incident on the back of an envelope. Help a girl out? And keep doing what you’re doing, your Clueless Dad contest (happening now) is a hoot.

Your biggest fan,


The best app ever invented.
The best app ever invented says MUB.
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  1. Yeah, this is the thing about buying any phone that’s not the iPhone. Apps offer a lot of value to users. Phones are increasingly becoming a platform game and apple is lightyears ahead (

    It’s the same reason why there’s about 30 apps for the Palm Pre: “The Pre has an installed base of around 100,000 to 200,000. Any developer is going to look at the 40,000,000 installed base of the iPhone and compare it to the 200,000 base of the Pre and not even think twice.” quoted from

    The pre is dead in the water. But android has a fighting chance. Expect the android market to improve slowly.

  2. Hi Shannon!

    Thank you so much for your excellent post. I’m thrilled that you love our Baby Brain app! 🙂 We really appreciate your support and thank you very much for spreading the word.

    I know the scribbling on the back of an envelope well…and I hate to see you doing it!

    Right now we are overwhelmed (in the best possible way!) by the incredible response we are getting to Baby Brain for the iPhone/iPod.

    However, we are very committed to bringing this app to as many parents as possible, and we’ll be looking into that option when we catch our breath. Particularly if other parents let us know they are interested!

    Email me:

    I’d love to hear from you!


  3. Frank in Minnesota

    As a father who uses Baby Brain, I resent the fact that dads are being portrayed as clueless. What kind of business model is that? Maybe the one you married is, but not this one. I’ll be deleting Baby Brain and browsing for a new baby tracking app later this afternoon. I have heard that Baby Super Tracker is supposed to be good.

  4. Hey Frank I hear you! I still think it’s funny, like Porn For New Moms.

  5. Baby Brain looks like a great app, and my wife and I also had the same idea!

    Since I had bought the G1, we decided to develop an app called Baby ESP for android phones, which looks to do about the same thing, check it out!

    Baby ESP supports tracking breast feedings, bottle feedings, diapers, naps, and any other custom activity you want to add. Charts and statistics are included to spot trends. You can email stats, charts and data to anyone from your phone (and even post charts directly to facebook)


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