Introducing Shannon Mechutan, the new face of Modern Urban Baby

Hi everyone, it’s Tracy. Yikes! I apologize profusely for the lack of postings to Modern Urban Baby :< Life has been so hectic over the last 6 months. Between running my other blogs and traveling back and forth to Europe, I haven’t been giving MUB the tender loving care it deserves. Realizing I need help to keep the site going, I have reached out to one of Brooklyn’s most talented modern moms, Shannon Mechutan.

Shannon, who will be signing on as contributing editor, has a rich history in media. And as a new mom to 9-month-old Frederica, she has her finger on the pulse of modern baby gadgets, furniture, and fashion. I am really excited about this new partnership and I know you will be too! Shannon will give MUB the attention it deserves, freeing me up to work on the back end of  my blogs. Shannon has a brilliant eye for design and I think you will really enjoying reading all about her new discoveries.

Over the next couple weeks you’ll see some transitioning take place as we settle  Shannon into her new web space. So stick with us readers!! We promise we’ll have lots of exciting new content for you very soon. If you would like to email Shannon new products or ideas you’d like her to feature click here. Or if you’d just like to say hello, drop her a line.  I know she would love to meet her new readers!

Thanks so much readers! I really appreciate your support as MUB continues to develop. And while you won’t see too much of me on MUB in the future, I will still be working in the background so you never know when I may be popping in to say hello. If you are interested in advertising opportunities you can click
here to reach me. Thanks again for your support!

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Tracy Fay is the founder of Modern Urban Baby and Modern Urban Living, a home accessories blog featuring modern design products.


  1. how about real fur coats for babies
    I think I know where shannon can get a discount

  2. yeah fur coats for babies, i can dig it…

    btw, I do think Freddie is 10 months old… yeesh!

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