Embrace: An Infant Warmer That Looks Like a Baby Sleeping Bag

 - by Tracy

the cutest little baby bundle in the world!

This may look like the world’s smallest sleeping bag, (how cute is that photo?!) but it’s actually a medical device that will help change mortality rates in poor countries. Modern medicine has helped save the lives of many premature babies, but in developing countries where medical supplies can be scarce or just to expensive for clinics to acquire, the Embrace Infant Warmer  Cheap Jerseys free shipping can be literally be lifesaver. Born out of a class project, the baby warmer is in it’s final stages of production and will soon be available to clinics in India, with plans to expand to Asia and Africa. The warmer is essentially a wax-filled heating pad that can be reheated in either an electric warmer or, if electricity is unavailable, in a water warmer for 20 minutes. It can keep the baby warm for four to six hours.

Baby infant warmer

The warmer costs about $200 compared to the thousands an incubator would cost and can play a vital role in keeping young infants alive. The pouch is also being tested as an alternative for mothers wishing to forgo incubators in an effort to bond with their babies.

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