Do Baby Shushers Really Work?

baby shushers

Shushing a Baby to Sleep is Not a New Concept

Have you heard of a new baby product called the Baby Shusher? The website says it’s a revolutionary new tool based on “ancient, time-tested practices” and can help soothe a fussy baby to sleep. Baby Shushers are meant to calm the baby naturally, with a reassuring voice.

baby shushers

But does it work? 

Ok, full disclaimer here, we at MUB haven’t tried it, but if the reviews on Amazon is anything to go by most people are very satisfied with it. One reviewer commented, “…good for women who have just run out of breath…” which we found rather amusing. Some of the complaints about the product are that if the baby doesn’t respond to shushing in general, this product is not going to help you and various technical problems, such as: being too loud, too soft, timer not working properly, etc. But with a 4-star rating on Amazon, this product obviously works for most that try it.

What Do You Think?

So what’s your opinion? Have you tried Baby Shushers in the past and did they work for you? Leave a comment below and tell us your story.

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