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ICFF 2009

 - by Tracy


The International Contemporary Furniture Fair marked my debut representing Modern Urban Baby, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. The designers were available at many of the booths, and the range of chic baby wares being displayed was impressive. Emblematic of the mood of the show were these brightly colored chairs from El Salvador. This “monster idea on the loose,” was created by Alvaro Guatemala and Hugo Zambrana of Guaza Creative Studio. The graphics background of the young artists (currently teaching design at their Alma mater Dr. Jose Matias Delgado) informs their choices of luminescent acrylic, attention grabbing bold colors and distinctive shapes. Choosing from centipede, bear, fox or fly will be the hardest job for anyone looking to spice up a room with out of the ordinary and fun pieces.

Introducing Shannon Mechutan, the new face of Modern Urban Baby

 - by Tracy

Hi everyone, it’s Tracy. Yikes! I apologize profusely for the lack of postings to Modern Urban Baby :< Life has been so hectic over the last 6 months. Between running my other blogs and traveling back and forth to Europe, I haven’t been giving MUB the tender loving care it deserves. Realizing I need help to keep the site going, I have reached out to one of Brooklyn’s most talented modern moms, Shannon Mechutan.

Shannon, who will be signing on as contributing editor, has a rich history in media. And as a new mom to 9 month old Frederica, she has her finger on the pulse of modern baby gadgets, furniture and fashion. I am really excited about this  new partnership and i know you will be too! Shannon will give MUB the attention it deserves, freeing me up to work on the back end of  my blogs. Shannon has a brilliant eye for design and I think you will really enjoying reading all about her new discoveries.

Over the next couple weeks you’ll see some transitioning take place as we settle  Shannon into her new web space. So stick with us readers!! We promise we’ll have lots of exciting new content for you very soon. If you would like to email Shannon new products or ideas you’d like her to feature click here. Or if you’d just like to say hello, drop her a line.  I know she would love to meet her new readers!

Thanks so much readers! I really appreciate your support as MUB continues to develop. And while you won’t see too much of me on MUB in the future, I will still be working in the background so you never know when I may be popping in to say hello. If you are interested in advertising opportunities you can click
here to reach me. Thanks again for your support!

Introducing the Eco Cradle, The Cardboard Crib!

 - by Tracy

Cradles are perfect for newborns, convenient for new parents to carry from room to room and small enough that an infant doesn’t get lost in his own bedding. But your child soon outgrows the convenience and suddenly that expensive cradle becomes a disposable piece of furniture. That’s why we love the the Eco Cradle by Green Lullaby. The cradle is made of recycled corrugated cardboard so it’s durable and because Green Lullaby only uses non toxic paints and adhesives, you can rest easy knowing your little one will not be breathing any harmful chemicals. It’s easy to assemble and folds flat for storage or travel. A great solution for traveling parents or babysitting grandparents. Once the cradle has outlived its purpose your older children can use it as a play crib for their own “children” or store it away for baby #2!

Bedding Ideas for the Modern Nursery.

 - by Tracy

Looking for some ideas for designing your modern nursery? Start with bedding, it can be help to inspire a color scheme you may not have thought possible.  Looking through catalogs and online shops can give you an idea of what might work in your space. And dont’ forget the accessories to complete your nursery. Making a list of things you would like to include in the room will be essential once planning ends and shopping begins so be sure to write down your choices! We’ve collected a few options here to start with but don’t stop here, there are literally hundreds of wonderful choices out there.

These products can be found on All Modern Baby and Beyond Bedding.

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A Chalkboard Table for Little Artists.

 - by Tracy

The perfect table for the  budding young artist in your family. The Offi chalk board table features a chalkboard surface and a round storage space in the middle to hold chalk and erasers. Not just for chalk drawing, the mulitfunctional table can be used for many different activities.  For more info on the Offi Table go to Modern Seed and while you’re there check out the adorable Look Me chairs that compliment the table.

Build Your Own Furniture with The Pinocchio Chair.

 - by Tracy

The Pinocchio Chair by designer Julian Appelius is good practice for all the little designers out there. It’s literally a chair your child puts together themselves. The chair comes with a variety of colorful pieces that fit together to build a real chair your child can use. And with a set of two or more Pinocchio Chairs your child can build a table, shelves or whatever their imaginations dream up!

Via Design Flute

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Hello world!

 - by Tracy

Welcome to Modern Urban Baby!

We are a work in progress so please bare with us while we get the site up an running.

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