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Gummibär and Bébé Lilly

 - by Tracy

No TV until 2-years-old? No problem. We’re watching music videos on Mummy’s MacBook. We love The Stand Ins project by Okkervil River, and have the A.C. Newman version of Lost Coastlines in heavy rotation. We sing along with Kings of Leon on the Today show. But more beloved than performance videos are animated Gummibär and Bébé Lilly. One, Hungarian-originated polka techno, the other French baby-singing dance jams, have cool kids worldwide begging for more. Picture 8

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Picture 10

This still is from Freddie’s favorite song, Les Bêtises, about Lilly trashing her room with Nutella.

Happy Birthday To Our Fearless Leader

 - by Tracy

It’s Miss Modern Urban Living’s birthday today! Happy Birthday T. – for your present I promise to blog more, even when we’re teething, sick, or just plain wiped.

Fair Trade Children’s Toys and Clothes

 - by Tracy

Yellow Label Kids is our go-to for fair trade toys, clothes and party supplies (check the eco-friendly reusable banners) handcrafted by of-age artisans earning a living wage. I’m eyeing their winter hats and sweaters, featuring cozy styles with emblems like peace signs and lively flowers. Toy tester Freddie loves her ice-cream cone rattle, made in Bangladesh, that is a sweet treat for her (and good karma for our friends who bought it!) New from this forward thinking and fun company is a City Food set, featuring items from Philadelphia and New York, the owners’ hometowns: City Food SMALL

Jonathan Adler is coming!

 - by Tracy

MUB has a mothership, and her name is Jonathan Adler. Walking down adorable Atlantic Avenue, I stumbled across this miraculous bit of news returning the impending arrival of His Most Mightyness:


See below for more lulz (but spot-on) reasons why JAdler is swoonworthy. Welcome! We love you!! Do baby things!!!


Plea to the developer of Baby Brain app

 - by Tracy

Dear Jackie Ashton,

Your Baby Brain app for iPod is the best idea in the world. I know, because I also thought of it. Deep in the weeds with a sick 11-mo-old, I wished that I had an easier way to document naps, dinners and diaper changes. I actually asked app developer and tech whiz Jonathan Wegener if he had heard of one that did all that, with the touch of a button. It seemed so necessary.

There’s good news and bad news. The application of my dreams exists! For the cheaper-than-any-other-baby-gear price of $4.99 moms can “track feedings, diapers and sleep with ease.” To say this is pure baby goodness is an understatement. But sadly for G1 users, it doesn’t exist for Android.

Jackie, my little Fred is an app-loving angel. Toddler Lock (review and link via Androideka) is her fave. Please help her continue to have the coolest tools – and cure MUB’s baby brain – by creating Baby Brain for Android!

I must run now, need to jot down baby’s last diarrhea incident on the back of an envelope. Help a girl out? And keep doing what you’re doing, your Clueless Dad contest (happening now) is a hoot.

Your biggest fan,



The best app ever invented.

The best app ever invented says MUB.

Danish clothier Smafolk

 - by Tracy

We have a houseguest, and she brought two darling infant outfits from Denmark! The hip and trendy brand Smafolk creates wearable design, with graphics worthy of gracing even the most discerning of tots. I can’t wait to put Fred in the onesie, with its cuter than usual kitties on a fuschia background. Noticing a blog trend? It’s true: this is my second pink and green recommendation. My former debutante soul has a schoolgirl crush on this perfect pairing, but who wouldn’t heart it seeing this: style-92-0631

The other two-piece outfit sports the Smafolk signature apple, which has fans from Japan to Great Britain fighting over bright sheets, rain gear and basics. We dig the stretchy fabric and punchy contrast trim:



Loving the Flip UltraHD

 - by Tracy

You go Pure Digital Flip UltraHD camera! I chose it primarily because of the ability to switch from its own power pack to AA batteries (this busy mom won’t charge it regularly), and it’s been ready to go every time I’ve needed it. The FlipShare program it comes with is intuitive enough for those of us with ‘baby brain’ to easily master. The toughest part was exporting and creating a file under 2 MB to post, but I think that will come more easiy with practice. Below Freddie welcomes a new friend.

You can also use it to create snapshots. Frederica kicks back in Xhilaration by Target. Mummy wears Miguelina.


UVA shielding baby cuteness

 - by Tracy


Ah, the times they are a changing. Rather than worrying that I’m the right shade of summer tan, this modern mom is now battling her former friend: UVA rays. I’ve discovered the cuteness that is baby shorts and wetsuit inspired tops that cover baby skin much more effectively than sunscreen. Mom 4 Life has some adorable options (nom photo above shows lots to choose from in mix and match styles), providing baby with 98% protection from the sun with their Baby Skinz swim shirts and Baby Bloomers swim shorts by UV Skinz.

Before I could snatch those up, Daddy surprised us with darling (and SPF 50!) smartness with a set from Cinco via Target. Cute for many reasons, including ease of pull-on and bright colors. Here’s Fred rocking it with her friend Adam at our Memorial Day BBQ, photo by Dan Kim: adam

LEEDs points eligible woods and finishes = classic beauty.

 - by Tracy


Here at Modern Urban Baby we love anything sustainable. One approach to responsible manufacturing was represented at ICFF by Connecticut’s ducduc group, introducing their new Mason Gray line. Based in a restored 1897 building on a reclaimed brownfield site, and eschewing particle board and MDF for wood certified by The United States Green Building Council, this company epitomizes smart use. Named for ducduc’s CEO’s daughter Mason, and the Chief Creative Officer’s daughter Gray, 2009’s offerings are intended for “fans of ducduc who also appreciate something more traditional.” Wonderful clean lines and pulls are complemented by hand-applied stains in bright colors (our pick: the fuchsia and green mix) or subtly gorgeous shades including the perfect powder pink. Something about the look says Doris Day film, something says Hamptons, but it all adds up to a green gorgeousness you can be environmentally comfortable coveting. ducduccrib

Contemporary design loves the single flower.

 - by Tracy

picture-1Is there anything cuter than a pudgy palm handing you a just picked bloom? ICFF 2009 recognized this with accessories appreciating the elemental appeal of a lone blossom. Raleigh, North Carolina’s The Other Edge Design Studio turns your coffee cup into art with their Pocket Vase. Stainless spring steel and rubber ensure you’ll always have a place for your little treasure’s treasure.

Japanese designers +d go one further, celebrating the root of the plant, in order to make a point about the origins of our lives. The house, whose motto is “This is a message,” wish everyone a life with plants nearby. Online here. picture-21

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