Design-to-Go at the Port Authority

 - by Tracy


The Times Square Alliance, the Fashion Center BID, AREAWARE and the Port Authority of New York have joined forces to present ‘Design-to-Go,’ a pop-up shop at BLANK SL8 in the Port Authority. The just-launched store will be open through Sept. 26th and focuses on new takes on NYC souvenirs and travel products by New York’s most cutting edge designers. Well-curated, the shop includes some great choices for baby gifts on the go. Some of our favs include:
2009-08-18 20.25.08
This origami mobile would be right in any room.
2009-08-18 20.26.21
Stuff-toting moms could use a chic tote like this. By In God We Trust.
2009-08-18 20.29.08
MUB says: Supervise the stick! 
Picture 3
This book sounds awesome. Also ‘good for people on the verge of divorce,’ lol. Read this article »

Faux Baby Fur Coat with Ears!

 - by Tracy


We know winter will soon be over but while there is still a nip in the air, we wanted to post this adorable Faux Mink Baby Fur Coat. We saw it on The Corner Stork site and thought it was just to cute not to pass along. Got a mid-winter Bat Mitzvah to attend? Private school interview? Babies have to dress it up too! We love the sweet little ears on the head and the brown satin ribbon really gives it some class.

The Ecoist Confetti Diaper Bag

 - by Tracy


The Ecoist Mega Confetti Bag is made from a mix of candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels. A colorful and fun over-sized bag from an environmentally friendly company. The Ecoist will plants a tree for every bag sold!

New Car Seat Features Side Impact Air Bags.

 - by Tracy

The Britax Advocate CS model features side airbags that are designed to inflate on impact. The airbags are meant to reduce the amount of force and trauma on the child during an accident. The air bags add about a 1/2 inch of extra width compared to other Britax models, but it’s a small price to pay for added security.

The Smart Stroller-Origami!

 - by Tracy

Introducing the smartest stroller you will ever own! The stroller does everything but change your babies diaper. It automatically folds up when baby is removed from the seat (the built in intelligence detects when baby is no longer in the seat). A small generator powers the stroller and recharges itself with every 300 feet.  The Origami is made of 90% recyclable materials and even has daytime running lights and a built in pedometer! The Origami is expected to be available early 2009. 

Keep Kids Entertained During Long Trips.

 - by Tracy

Keeping a young child amused during a long trip can be a daunting task for any parent. Letting them watch their favorite movie on a portable dvd player can be a great way to pass the time. But players can be expensive and most are not durable enough to stand up to a few accidental drops. That’s why we think Fischer Price is on the right track with their Kid-Tough portable dvd player made especially for children. The unit is rubberized and shock and skip proof making it strong enough to handle a little abuse. The player comes with a handle so it can be carried by your preschooler and kickstand legs for hands free viewing and simple controls makes it easy for children to operate the player themselves. The Kid Tough portable dvd player is under $200 making it an affordable option for traveling families.

A Baby Sling That’s Fashionable Too!

 - by Tracy


With all due respect to Baby Bjorn, baby carriers are in desperate need of a fashion makeover. They are bulky, come in boring colors and have a strap system you need an engineering degree to figure out. And let’s be honest they’re not exactly the most attractive fashion accessory. Thankfully Metro Mama  Wrap agreed and designed a baby wrap carrier that is not only comfortable for baby but also looks pretty darn hot on mom too! The Wrap takes inspiration from a traditional baby sling. The updated design ties around mom (or dad) in a serious of twists ( don’t worry it’s very simple)and  after you’ve tied your knot, insert one baby and violá your ready to hit the town.  And because it distributes baby’s weight evenly mom can rest assured she isn’t sacrificing fashion for function.

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