Introducing the Eco Cradle, The Cardboard Crib!

 - by Tracy

Cradles are perfect for newborns, convenient for new parents to carry from room to room and small enough that an infant doesn’t get lost in his own bedding. But your child soon outgrows the convenience and suddenly that expensive cradle becomes a disposable piece of furniture. That’s why we love the the Eco Cradle by Green Lullaby. The cradle is made of recycled corrugated cardboard so it’s durable and because Green Lullaby only uses non toxic paints and adhesives, you can rest easy knowing your little one will not be breathing any harmful chemicals. It’s easy to assemble and folds flat for storage or travel. A great solution for traveling parents or babysitting grandparents. Once the cradle has outlived its purpose your older children can use it as a play crib for their own “children” or store it away for baby #2!

The Modern Toddler Bed.

 - by Tracy

Transitioning from crib to a big kid bed is easy with this Modern Toddler Bed from Polka Dots.The bed uses the mattress from your child’s crib and sits low to the ground making it easier for children to use while safety rails keep him/her from rolling out during night. The Modern toddler Bed also features an adorable little bench at the foot of the bed, a big help for getting dressed or putting on shoes.

Keep Baby from Escaping with the Barbwire Crib.

 - by Tracy

All tongue in cheek of course but we’re pretty sure baby wouldn’t think of leaving this concept crib by designer Greg Ball. Like most hip urban parents Greg became keenly aware of the redundancy of ho-hum baby furniture. Inspired by impending fatherhood, Greg developed the x-crib by taking a humorous approach to the confinement of crib-dom by incorporating barbwire cutouts to the sides of his unique baby bed. The crib’s bright colors and playful design are certainly a shot of contemporary spirit to an otherwise monotonous industry.

via MoCoLoco

A Modern Indoor Playhouse.

 - by Tracy


An adorable interactive playhouse creates a modern sanctuary for the urban child. Danish designer Nina Tolstrup known as Studiomama (currently based in London) has designed a space for the creative child seeking independence. The kid’s playhouse features a blackboard on one wall and and a cozy play or sleep area in the middle with round cutout windows located on each side of the house. The little space gives children the illusion of privacy while the windows allow the parents  visual access to the child. This quiet space is the perfect place for busy little children to unwind in!

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A Modern Bassinet that Swings!

 - by Tracy

How cozy does this colorful hammock look? The Hushamok  is a swinging bassinet that creates the ideal sleeping environment for baby. The design helps to keep baby on her back, the recommended sleeping position for infants. But it’s the gentle swinging motion that will soothe and relax little ones into dreamland. It comes with two machine washable sheets and is available in a variety of stimulating colors. And it’s portable, the aluminum base is lightweight and fits in its own nifty little carrying bag.The Hushamok Modern Bassinet is great alternative to a traditonal bassinet. Now if they would only make one mom could crawl into!

YiAhn, The Convertible Bassinet That Grows With Your Child.

 - by Tracy

Bassinets are generally only used for the first three months of a baby’s life and can be an expensive purchase for a temporary bed.  Not finding the furniture he wanted for his own child, designer Min Kang  created the YiAhn Bassinet (named after his son), a beautiful bassinet that morphs into different pieces as your child grows. The bassinet transforms into a storage bin and bench for toddlers then later a chair and table for early learners.

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