A Teether, For The Upwardly Mobile Baby

 - by Tracy

baby smart phone

Proving you can’t get them tethered to technology fast enough, cheap jerseys here comes the first personalized wooden smart phone teether for babies! It’s made out of wood, that we love, so much better than those plastic versions we’ve been seeing in the toy aisles. And hey, wouldn’t you rather they grind their gums on this than your smart phone? Yes, we thought so. And don’t forget, not only are those ‘toothies’ getting a work out, but it’s building those motor skills they’re going to need! You found this on, where else,Etsy.

Sit and Destroy! Rip + Tatter Cardboard Chairs for Kids

 - by Tracy

Rip + Tatter cardboard chair for children durable furniture for kids

There are so many pieces of furniture children are not allowed touch, why not give them a piece of their own that they can literally beat the hell out of Cheap Jerseys free shipping?  This is exactly the concept behind Rip+Tatter, a pint sized cardboard chair that children can destroy at will. Durable and disposable, cardboard can take a preschool beating and come back for more. The Rip+Tatter chair by designer Pete Oyler is made from industrial cardboard, is non- toxic and best of all completely recyclable.

Cardboard furniture durable for children chairs

I’ve fully embraced Cardboard furniture for kids since first writing about Foldschool, the eclectic group that gives parents free instructions on how to create their own cardboard furniture for children. Designs include a stool, chair and even a rocker, all using recycled cardboard. Cardboard seems to be a popular material to make kid’s furniture from. Back in October 208, I featured the Eco-Crib, a cradle for newborns made of cardboard.

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Baby Monster Snowshoes

 - by Tracy

Baby monster snowshoes

We had a nice little snowstorm last night in NYC. Having missed the last one a couple weeks ago, I was excited to the city blanketed with snow once again Cheap Jerseys free shipping. City adults children also seem to be enjoying the fresh snow. I saw more than a few newly built snowmen on the way into the showroom this morning. Some of my fondest memories as a child revolve around winter sports, so I love this snow monster feet idea by blogger Slow Mo Mama. Read this article »

The Mr Rogers of Craft, Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern

 - by Tracy

We heart, heart, heart us some Todd Oldham! How cute was he in NEW YORK MAGAZINE last week? He was promoting his new book, Kid Made Modern. We love hate his bushy beard but how it ages our Toddy! Beard or nor beard Todd Oldham will always be a sweet hunk of modern man. His boyish charm and gentle smile wins us over every time. He’s the Mr. Rogers crafting.


Totally original, totally simple, totally Todd Oldham. The book has projects inspired by mid-century designers and artists such as Charles and Ray Eames, Marimekko, Alexander Girard and Dorothy Draper.

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$10,000 Tricycle Ain’t So Vanilla

 - by Tracy


Father Sascha White loves his child so much he decided to make a $10,000 trike for his little tot. Indulgent? Hell yea! But if your a modern parent unaffected by the economy and want to spoil your child, why not? The trike comes complete with a Brooks leather saddle, cro-moly frame, headset from Campagnolo, front hub and rear wheels from Phil Wood and front end forks fashioned from stainless steel.

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July 26 Baby Dance Party Ticket Giveaway!

 - by Tracy

Dance clubs are part of the modern urban experience. And, like most babies, Frederica loves to dance! So we’ll be clubbing together at the Little Club Heads parties. Presented by clothing company Madison Parker, whose clothes you see on the  below, this idea is full of win!


Want in on the hotness? MUB has a pair of tickets for tomorrow’s Launch Party for the 1st person to email me at 


Too late notice to fit into baby’s busy social calendar? Don’t worry the parties run through December 20th (see website). See ya’ll there!

Sustainable Toys for Children-The Wood Yo Yo.

 - by Tracy

What makes this yo yo different from other yoyo’s is the charming story of it’s humble beginnings. Living in a small tree house located in the Midwest is an enterprising young couple whose passion is to design sustainable products for you and your children. Find it at Fawn and Forest.

Who’s the boss?

 - by Tracy

The Boss is a soft big blue dinosaur who does double duty as a ball pit. The tummy is packed with 60 colorful plastic balls your baby can play around in. What’s wonderful about this dino is once your child is done you just zip Boss up and the balls are stored neatly inside his tummy!Want one of your own? Click here.

Luxury Wagon

 - by Tracy

The Cloud 9 wagon has digital controls, speakers and a dock for an MP3 player. The toy wagon is the ultimate in luxury with 5-point safety harnesses, padded seats, cup holders, foot brakes and fold-out storage containers. There’s even a digital handle that tracks temperature, time, distance and speed. Modeled after the traditional Radio Flyer, The Cloud 9 is still in development and if it ever goes on the market you can expect to pay approximately $1,000 for the pleasure of owning one.

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Zid Zid’s Silver Riding Elephant.

 - by Tracy


What child wouldn’t want to take an elephant ride? The Silver Riding Elephant by Zid Zid would make a lovely addition to your child’s menagerie. This big fella is made with high quality faux leather and double stitched to withstand extra hard play. He’s also an environmentally conscience animal. He’s stuffed with recycled cotton and sponge scraps that otherwise might go to landfills. The Silver Riding Elephant also features a back pocket, big enough for books or  toys. An unique adorable friend for your little boy or girl will enjoy!

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