How to Design a Modern Nursery

 - by Tracy

Modern Kids Room neutral colors

Need a little inspiration for a modern nursery? Cheap Jerseys china You don’t have to settle for the cutsie clowns or Disney’s latest movie character. Creating a modern room for baby is easier than you think.Here are a few ideas to help create a sophisticated and unique baby room.

tree decal nursery ideas unique baby rooms

Think: furniture, walls, textiles. Start with modern cribs, changing tables and dressers. Modern baby furniture instantly gives the room a contemporary foundation to build on.

kids rooms modern baby nursery

Next, the walls, broaden your color palette beyond pink, blues and yellows. Start with a neutral palette and a color using stenciled patterns or decals.Don’t be afraid to use color in a bold way. Read this article »

Cute Rugs For Children’s Rooms From Indi-B

 - by Tracy

veggie garden rug for kid's room

If you’re looking for a environmentally friendly and humane products for your children you will certainly appreciate these playful rugs. They use only natural fibers and dyes in the production of their rugs. Strong advocates of social and environmental sustainability, Indi-B Cheap Jerseys china is committed to delivering a “healthy design for a healthy home.”

botswana_pink rug
Indi-B  is partnered with GoodWeave, to ensure that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of any of their products because they not only care about your child’s well being, but the well being all children everwhere. Read this article »

Toadstool Night Light Will Soothe Baby into Dreamland

 - by Tracy

mushroom interior

Sisters Charlotte and Victoria’s sweet little toadstool nightlight provides a comforting glow that will help drive away those bedtime night frights.You can find it at one of our favorite online stores ROMP.

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Hipster Baby Onsies Made with Vintage Ties

 - by Tracy


Organic plain white baby onesies with a vintage tie applique. Made by Pumpkin Girl,  the ties are ‘upcycled’ and get a new life with the younger set. We found this little fella on Inhabitot.

UVA shielding baby cuteness

 - by Tracy


Ah, the times they are a changing. Rather than worrying that I’m the right shade of summer tan, this modern mom is now battling her former friend: UVA rays. I’ve discovered the cuteness that is baby shorts and wetsuit inspired tops that cover baby skin much more effectively than sunscreen. Mom 4 Life has some adorable options (nom photo above shows lots to choose from in mix and match styles), providing baby with 98% protection from the sun with their Baby Skinz swim shirts and Baby Bloomers swim shorts by UV Skinz.

Before I could snatch those up, Daddy surprised us with darling (and SPF 50!) smartness with a set from Cinco via Target. Cute for many reasons, including ease of pull-on and bright colors. Here’s Fred rocking it with her friend Adam at our Memorial Day BBQ, photo by Dan Kim: adam

Introducing Shannon Mechutan, the new face of Modern Urban Baby

 - by Tracy

Hi everyone, it’s Tracy. Yikes! I apologize profusely for the lack of postings to Modern Urban Baby :< Life has been so hectic over the last 6 months. Between running my other blogs and traveling back and forth to Europe, I haven’t been giving MUB the tender loving care it deserves. Realizing I need help to keep the site going, I have reached out to one of Brooklyn’s most talented modern moms, Shannon Mechutan.

Shannon, who will be signing on as contributing editor, has a rich history in media. And as a new mom to 9 month old Frederica, she has her finger on the pulse of modern baby gadgets, furniture and fashion. I am really excited about this  new partnership and i know you will be too! Shannon will give MUB the attention it deserves, freeing me up to work on the back end of  my blogs. Shannon has a brilliant eye for design and I think you will really enjoying reading all about her new discoveries.

Over the next couple weeks you’ll see some transitioning take place as we settle  Shannon into her new web space. So stick with us readers!! We promise we’ll have lots of exciting new content for you very soon. If you would like to email Shannon new products or ideas you’d like her to feature click here. Or if you’d just like to say hello, drop her a line.  I know she would love to meet her new readers!

Thanks so much readers! I really appreciate your support as MUB continues to develop. And while you won’t see too much of me on MUB in the future, I will still be working in the background so you never know when I may be popping in to say hello. If you are interested in advertising opportunities you can click
here to reach me. Thanks again for your support!

Faux Baby Fur Coat with Ears!

 - by Tracy


We know winter will soon be over but while there is still a nip in the air, we wanted to post this adorable Faux Mink Baby Fur Coat. We saw it on The Corner Stork site and thought it was just to cute not to pass along. Got a mid-winter Bat Mitzvah to attend? Private school interview? Babies have to dress it up too! We love the sweet little ears on the head and the brown satin ribbon really gives it some class.

Design Inspiration: Contemporary Children’s Bedrooms

 - by Tracy


Looking for some design inspiration for your children’s bedroom? We found these colorful rooms on the Contemporist blog site. These rooms are fun! For inspirational photos  visit the Contemporist.

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A Cute Crane Perfect for the Nursery Shelves.

 - by Tracy

This little crane from Buisjes en Beugels is made out off cardboard and wrapped in cotton thread. The ball and wheels are made out off wood and really work! Its made from fragile material so it is not suitable for kids to use as a toy but would look very sweet in your child’s nursery.

Making Room for Baby in Your Home Office.

 - by Tracy

We pulled this adorable office setup off of one of our favorite blogs UnClutterer. A small desk in the corner of your home office can provide your children with a place to play giving you the opportunity to answer a few emails while keeping an eye on the kids.

Looking for a few ideas? Here are just a few desks we like:

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