Baby Bottle Tether

 - by Tracy

il_570xN.350531336Another brilliant find on Etsy this morning! We call it a bottle tether, but really the simple design could be used to keep toys in their place too. It has a D-ring strap that’s adjustable and a large suction cup that can hold up to 25 lbs. That’s a toddler Cheap Jerseys from china!! New moms will thank you for this little gem. Get it here.


Brooklyn Fare

 - by Tracy

Freddie’s first play date featured gorgeous food from Boerum Hill’s newest temple of yum, Brooklyn Fare. Celery root remoulade and raw broccoli slaw were popular with carnivores and vegetarians alike. The curried chicken salad with almonds was a huge hit. The basket of scones was great, featuring both savory and sweet varieties. Conveniently, the prepared foods are just part of the offerings, with a full upscale grocery and roses for $2.99 a bunch I was able to pull together a darling buffet with just one stop. 

The next day we hit another Brooklyn hot spot, the Red Hook soccer fields. For us summer starts with ‘soccer tacos’ and we take all of our out of town visitors there. Featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show, and located across the street from Ikea, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how fun and delicious choosing from Guatamalan, El Salvadoran, and Honduran vendors can be. I’m a pupusa, roasted corn and horchata kind of girl, but everything from deceptively simple tacos to the ceviche is recommended. Fred loves pupusas too (she should since I ate a pile of them while pregnant).


Can’t get to Brooklyn? Your modern baby can enjoy the best of the borough with Happy Baby baby cereals and frozen meals. Full of probiotics, recommended by Dr. Sears, and with phthalate-free packaging, these appealing foods were  created by moms as a strong choice for mothers who would love to puree fresh foods (confession: I have a baby puree cookbook I’ve NEVER EVEN OPENED) but just can’t find the time. As if you need a bonus? For each box or container of Happy Baby baby food you buy, Project Peanut Butter is able to feed one child in Malawi for one day.


The Adiri Natural Nurser.

 - by Tracy

The rounded shape of the Adiri Natural Nurser is designed to mimic a mother’s breast. This helps reduce nipple confusion and helps baby’s transition to bottle feeding easier. The body and nipple are all one piece. You fill the bottle from the bottom making them easy to use and easy to clean. The Adiri Natural Nurser is wonderfully designed without Bisphenol-A (BPA) so no evil chemicals to worry about. The Nurser is recommended by experts: doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants. A natural and easy way to start bottle feeding.


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Teach your kids to eat with chopsticks!

 - by Tracy

You’re kids are sure to gobble up just about anything you put in these whimsical bowls. The set comes with a bowl, plate and special chopsticks made for little fingers so you can train your urban baby about Asian dining early! The colorful modern patterns are charming and compact design keeps all the pieces together nicely. They are made with sturdy Melamine so need to worry about breakage. Great for on-the-go meals.  Look for Uni Jr. Bowl at Target.

Thanks to Elit Alice.

Baby Food Organizer for The Cupboard.

 - by Tracy

Let’s face it, babies come with a lot of accessories. And try as they might, parents often feel they are fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping everything your baby needs neat and organized. That’s why we love the Skip Hop Chow Organizer. With three shelves and room for up to 12 jars, it can help keep baby food jars from taking over your cupboards. It’s plastic shelves rotate independently keeping labels out so you can quickly see what’s for dinner. And parents can take pleasure in one small victory-a tidy cupboard.

Squirt, The Baby Food Dispenser.

 - by Tracy

Now this looks like an interesting idea!  The Squirt baby food dispenser actually does what the name suggests, squirts baby food onto a spoon. Apparently, you fill the handle with food and give it a squeeze, the food is then pushed through a slot between the spoon and the handle, ready for baby to eat. Now we have to admit we haven’t tried this product ourselves but we are intrigued by the concept. Our concern is the functionality of the product. Considering the design, we assume it’s best for thoroughly pureed food rather than the chunkier homemade kind. We’re also wondering how easy it is to clean. If it works as well as they say it could be worth considering. Although we have to admit, we’ll probably just stick with the old fashioned spoon method. If anyone has used the Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon we sure would like to hear what you think of it.

Make Your Own Baby Food-Quick And Easy!

 - by Tracy

Making your own baby food from scratch just got a heck of a lot easier thanks to the Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma. This little miracle worker has been available in Europe for some time but has only recently made its way to America. The Babycook is a compact counter top appliance that steams, blends, warms and even defrosts meals for baby. The Babycook firsts steams the vegetables, fruits, meats or fish you place into the basket. After 15 minutes it then blends the food to the consistency you desire. You can also reheat or defrost foods using the cooker. It’s dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze. Making your own baby food helps retain all those healthy vitamins and minerals so often lost in packaged food. And since you prepare the food yourself you know exactly what baby is eating.

The Best Way to Wash a Baby Bottle.

 - by Tracy

 The plastic used to make baby bottles seems to be the hot topic these days. Controversy lies in whether or not there are any long term health effect from leaching of the chemical, Bisphenol-A,  which can be found in most polycarbonate products. This chemical is released under high temperatures such as sterilization, a step many parents use to clean and sanitize their baby’s bottles. There are bottles on the market now that advertise themselves as Bisphenol-A Free however many countries continue to believe the risk is quite low and safe to use. Other countries Canada for instance, have prohibited its sale altogether. Whether you choose to use polycarbonate bottles or not, washing and drying plastic bottles properly may help to reduce chemical exposure to your infant.  

  • Start by having the proper supplies on hand: a bottle brush and nipple brush, non-antibacterial soap (we suggest Babyganics Foaming Dish Soap), and a drying rack such as the Splash Bottle Drying Rack featured above with room for up to nine bottles, smaller racks for nipples and its own bottle brush.
  • Pour half a sink of warm water (try to avoid using hot) and add a small amount of soap. Let bottles and nipples soak for approximately ten minutes.
  • Use the brushes to thoroughly scrub the inside of bottles and nipples.
  • Clean the outside of the bottle with a clean dishcloth.  Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and should never be used to clean bottles.
  •  After rinsing the bottles, nipples and caps with warm water, place them in a drying rack to air dry. Do not place bottles on towels, counters, etc… the bottles could become contaminated in food prep areas.
  • Most pediatricians agree that as long as you clean the bottle well, air drying is enough to kill   most bacteria harmful to infants.  However, you should always check with your doctor if you are in doubt.

The Only High Chair You’ll Ever Need.

 - by Tracy

There is more than one reason to love the Svan High Chair. It’s simple bent wood design comes in a variety of finishes so it will fit in with any decor. They use sustainable birch that is phthalate-free and bisphenal A-free plastic and PBDE foam. What does that mean? You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching from the chair. And that’s important because you’ll be using it for a long time. The Svan High Chair grows along with your child from infancy to pre-school. Everything is adjustable, footrest, tray and seat making it the last high chair you’ll ever have to buy. It goes from infant’s high chair to a youth chair big enough for a preschooler.  And with it’s sleek Scandinavian design you won’t want to hide it  when company comes over.

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