Bathtime Helper, the Bug Pod.

 - by Tracy

As you parents of toddlers know, your rein over the tub came to an end the moment your child took his first dip. What once used to be a haven of relaxing splendour has now become home to every waterproof (and some not so waterproof) toy your child can manage to cram in the bath with him. Once bathtime is over the tub resembles a toy typhoon, full of soggy foam blocks and waterlogged dollies.  But thanks to those brilliant folks at Boon, Inc. you can finally take back the civility that was once your washroom. Introducing the Bug Pod, a vibrant little ladybug with plenty of storage for toys, soap and shampoo. The Bug Pod’s “wings” are actually a handy scoop, making toy recovery quick and easy. The holes in the scoop allow water to gradually drain from toys and helps to dry them out quicker. And the storage shelf at the top holds all the toddler toiletries needed for a good scrubbing. The Bug Pod remains conveniently mounted in your shower/tub, at the ready for its next tour of duty.

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