10 Modern Baby Cradles for Cool, Calm and Clever Babies

 - by Tracy

Call it a cradle or a bassinet, or if only for the first few months, the future home of your baby. We’ve combed the web to bring you a unique variety of modern baby cradles Cheap Jerseys from china, some help to help stimulate those developing senses, others are bent on saving the planet, but our favorites will have your baby swinging sweet and low.

Picture of Modern baby cradle

The Baby C cradle is little expensive at $4170 but totally worth it cuz it looks so frickin cool! Designed by Dripta Roy for Puur the Baby C Cradle features a unique handle to rock baby to sleep.

modern cradle by wieg vanjoost

This modern adaption of what probably was quite a common way to keep your baby out of harms way in ancient times. Noah was designed by Joost van Veldhuizen for OudenMooi.


The Swing Low cradle by Danish Designer Søren Ulrik Petersen helps baby develop motor skills. Keeps baby high and out of the way of family pets. And the close knit wool felt not only helps dampen surrounding noise but also folds up when not in use.

knoppa hanging cradle

I love this hanging cradle from Swedish company Knoppa.  I kind of wish they made an adult version.

modern baby cot apd cradle

The sleek Babycotpod by Shaun Milburn looks like a miniature space ship. Babies who wish to be space bound can blast off in his own little time capsule, if only in their dreams!

modern baby cribs and cradles kenneth cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue’s inspiration for this boat like cradle comes from nature.  His roots firmly planted in the Philippines, his work features a wide range of local natural, and synthetic material combining traditional craft.

Modern Wooden Cradle

The Vagga Cradle is handmade in Sweden. Sweet and simple, that’s what we like about this baby bed. It’s designer is Jonas Lindvall one of Sweden’s most admired designers.

green lullaby cardboard cradle

The Eco Cradle is made from recycled cardboard and is an excellent alternative for baby. Now available in gorgeous colors and patterns.

Sculpted cradle by scott morrison

The Sculpted Handmade Cradle by woodworker Scott Morrison has a round, organic design.

Hand Woven Wicker Cradle

The Hand-Woven Wicker Cradle by Nume.

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