How to Design a Modern Nursery

 - by Tracy

Modern Kids Room neutral colors

Need a little inspiration for a modern nursery? You don’t have to settle for the cutsie clowns or Disney’s latest movie character. Creating a modern room for baby is easier than you think.Here are a few ideas to help create a sophisticated and unique baby room.

tree decal nursery ideas unique baby rooms

Think: furniture, walls, textiles. Start with modern cribs, changing tables and dressers. Modern baby furniture instantly gives the room a contemporary foundation to build on.

kids rooms modern baby nursery

Next, the walls, broaden your color palette beyond pink, blues and yellows. Start with a neutral palette and a color using stenciled patterns or decals.Don’t be afraid to use color in a bold way. Read this article »


Sit and Destroy! Rip + Tatter Cardboard Chairs for Kids

 - by Tracy

Rip + Tatter cardboard chair for children durable furniture for kids

There are so many pieces of furniture children are not allowed touch, why not give them a piece of their own that they can literally beat the hell out of?  This is exactly the concept behind Rip+Tatter, a pint sized cardboard chair that children can destroy at will. Durable and disposable, cardboard can take a preschool beating and come back for more. The Rip+Tatter chair by designer Pete Oyler is made from industrial cardboard, is non- toxic and best of all completely recyclable.

Cardboard furniture durable for children chairs

I’ve fully embraced Cardboard furniture for kids since first writing about Foldschool, the eclectic group that gives parents free instructions on how to create their own cardboard furniture for children. Designs include a stool, chair and even a rocker, all using recycled cardboard. Cardboard seems to be a popular material to make kid’s furniture from. Back in October 208, I featured the Eco-Crib, a cradle for newborns made of cardboard.

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Baby Monster Snowshoes

 - by Tracy

Baby  monster snowshoes

We had a nice little snowstorm last night in NYC. Having missed the last one a couple weeks ago, I was excited to the city blanketed with snow once again. City adults children also seem to be enjoying the fresh snow. I saw more than a few newly built snowmen on the way into the showroom this morning. Some of my fondest memories as a child revolve around winter sports, so I love this snow monster feet idea by blogger Slow Mo Mama. Read this article »


Embrace: An Infant Warmer That Looks Like a Baby Sleeping Bag

 - by Tracy

the cutest little baby bundle in the world!

This may look like the world’s smallest sleeping bag, (how cute is that photo?!) but it’s actually a medical device that will help change mortality rates in poor countries. Modern medicine has helped save the lives of many premature babies, but in developing countries where medical supplies can be scarce or just to expensive for clinics to acquire, the Embrace Infant Warmer can be literally be lifesaver. Born out of a class project, the baby warmer is in it’s final stages of production and will soon be available to clinics in India, with plans to expand to Asia and Africa. The warmer is essentially a wax-filled heating pad that can be reheated in either an electric warmer or, if electricity is unavailable, in a water warmer for 20 minutes. It can keep the baby warm for four to six hours. Read this article »


Cute Rugs For Children’s Rooms From Indi-B

 - by Tracy

veggie garden rug for kid's room

If you’re looking for a environmentally friendly and humane products for your children you will certainly appreciate these playful rugs. They use only natural fibers and dyes in the production of their rugs. Strong advocates of social and environmental sustainability, Indi-B is committed to delivering a “healthy design for a healthy home.”

botswana_pink rug
Indi-B  is partnered with GoodWeave, to ensure that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of any of their products because they not only care about your child’s well being, but the well being all children everwhere. Read this article »


10 Modern Baby Cradles for Cool, Calm and Clever Babies

 - by Tracy

Call it a cradle or a bassinet, or if only for the first few months, the future home of your baby. We’ve combed the web to bring you a unique variety of modern baby cradles, some help to help stimulate those developing senses, others are bent on saving the planet, but our favorites will have your baby swinging sweet and low.

Picture of Modern baby cradle

The Baby C cradle is little expensive at $4170 but totally worth it cuz it looks so frickin cool! Designed by Dripta Roy for Puur the Baby C Cradle features a unique handle to rock baby to sleep.

modern cradle by wieg vanjoost

This modern adaption of what probably was quite a common way to keep your baby out of harms way in ancient times. Noah was designed by Joost van Veldhuizen for OudenMooi.


The Swing Low cradle by Danish Designer Søren Ulrik Petersen helps baby develop motor skills. Keeps baby high and out of the way of family pets. And the close knit wool felt not only helps dampen surrounding noise but also folds up when not in use.

knoppa hanging cradle

I love this hanging cradle from Swedish company Knoppa.  I kind of wish they made an adult version.

modern baby cot apd cradle

The sleek Babycotpod by Shaun Milburn looks like a miniature space ship. Babies who wish to be space bound can blast off in his own little time capsule, if only in their dreams!

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Colorful Modern Nursery

 - by Tracy

One of our favorite blogs is Design Crisis. It’s writer, Karly Hand posted pictures of the nursery she has created for her expected newborn. I love it! Lots of color and personal artsy touches. A variety of styles, my favorites are the birdcage lamp seen above and of course all of the framed outsider art on the walls.

colorful modern design nursery

The colors resemble a Baby Einstein play mat, visually stimulating and interesting to ponder. I like that the room as so many different types of shapes and textures. I think her baby will be very happy here.

a cozy nursery rocker

For more photos of this cute nursery go to Design Crisis.


Enter to Win a Dwell Studio Crib Set from Bobby Berk Home

 - by Tracy

The fantastic folks at Bobby Berk Home are giving away a beautiful Dwell Studio Paper Dolls Crib Set! And all you have to do to enter is submit your idea for a unique baby name. The Paper Dolls collection features sweet cut-outs reminiscent of the dolls you played with as a child. The crib set includes:a Bumber, Fitted Sheet, Crib Skirt and Play Blanket. Submit your winning name by commenting on Bobby Berk Home’s blog (click here) or on their Facebook Fan Page (click here). You can enter more than once but each name must be original. They’ll choose 5 of the craziest names and randomly draw a winner from those selected. One lucky winner will walk away with the prize. Drawing will be held Friday June 11th. Good luck!

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